Goodbye, Charlie

Goodbye, Charlie




I found it interesting that two days before I heard about the death of Charles Manson, the man popped into my mind.  There was no reason that one could categorize as “logical” as to why that might have been.  My mind was quiet and clear.  I was thinking of nothing.  I think it was paranormal; a cosmic revelation.  It was the energy of the universe foretelling of his passing.

On November 20th, I replied to a Facebook post on a friend’s page about his death.  I took a different position than those who were celebrating it.  My position was that although I feel humanity suffered no loss over his passing, I also felt no glee.  I believe that to feel glee, or even to not feel loss or sorrow, would be a reflection of my own lack of spiritual evolvement.  The sorrow to which I am referring is not that of mourning the passing of someone because you will miss them, but rather for a person whose existence on this planet was apparently that of a twisted, tortured, cruel soul.  I further shared that I did not believe his soul was in Hell.  Rather, I believed he was with his soul family, feeling loved, being forgiven, and that his life was being reviewed with his spirit guides.  Boy, did I get some ugly, harsh feed back!  That’s OK!  I was not and am not offended.  I understand.  Not everyone sees the universe and our place in it as I do.

I  was loathe  - and yes, even a little fearful  - of even writing his name on these pages for the evil I felt it carried.  I did not want any connection with that evil.  I did not want that presence.  But to not do so would reflect my own imperfection, not his. It would have been out of fear of making some kind of unwanted cosmic connection.  Primal fear is something that exists in our Reptilian brain.  It served its purpose when we were living in caves.  It was necessary for our survival.  Now it does not serve, and is something we must evolve out of.  More on that in a bit.

The murders that took place nearly 50 years ago are still all too fresh in the minds of those who are familiar with them, and fresher still in the minds and hearts of those like me who were alive and aware in 1969, or even worse, closely associated with the victims.  There is no erasing those memories.  Why is that?  If you subscribe to the belief that there is a benevolent Creator, and in the perfection of the universe, how do we reconcile events like this?  How do we heal?  How do we find “closure”?  How do we make sense out of this?  Why are events like this are allowed to happen?  What purpose can they possibly serve? 

Up until maybe three or so years or so ago, I might have responded similarly to those who are celebrating, and those who took exception to my position.  If not similarly, then certainly not as I did.  That was before I read some very enlightening material that helped me make sense of events and people like Charles Manson, and why they are here on this planet.  It restored my faith in God at a time when I was agnostic at best, and certainly in serious doubt that we have a benevolent Creator, much less a Creator that is in control.  I was planning on sharing this material at some point in a post on this blog.  I felt this light needed to be reflected.  Not for the sake of the Charles Mansons of this world, but for us.  His passing was the perfect opportunity.  

Charles and his ilk are not the only ones who need to heal and evolve.  We need to as well.  Our healing comes from learning how to forgive even the Charles Mansons of this world – not for their sake, but for ours.  Unless we can do so, we will never ever heal.  Never.  Who suffers?  Charles Manson? No, if you assume he feels no remorse.  Even if he did, would that give you closure?  No.  Unless we can forgive, or see the challenge God has laid before us to heal the damaged souls on this planet – or at least to try – and to forgive them, we will never remove the scar from our own soul.

I have read a few books on soul regressions.  People reveal not only previous lives, but what they experienced in the spirit world during the time between incarnations.  One such book is “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton.[1]  Mind you, there are many resources where one can find this material.  This is just the most concentrated source I have found to date.  The information in the following paragraphs was gleaned from reading this book.

Hundreds of souls in regression have revealed that the time between lives is not a time of “punishment,” or even judgment in the sense that one is graded or chastised for a poor performance.  It is a time of love and reunification with our souls family.  The only "judgment" is whether or not we achieved the goals we had set for the life just lived.  There is but one heart that will be broken should we not achieve those goals - our own.  That is where the "wailing and gnashing of teeth" may fit in.  Yes, we incarnate with goals for this life.  We all have “missions” and lessons to learn.  In some cases, we volunteer to do what will be seen as evil during our life time – even to those we love – as part of a contract with that soul for their development! 

A person like Charles Manson, whose crime is against humanity, is placed on this planet for the growth of all the souls he touches – both directly and indirectly.  Jeshua said as much in “Love Without End,”[2] and that is iterated and reiterated in virtually every source one might pick up dealing with ETs and their spiritual connection to us and our evolution.

Sometimes, the evil acts are not part of the contract, but are the result of a new or very young soul being incarnated into a human body with strong (“negative”) primal instincts.  We all have to deal with those.  The older souls, and/or those more in touch with their hearts are able to keep those instincts at bay.  Some of these human vessels into which we incarnate have stronger primal urges and instincts than others, and therefore, cases arise where the soul is overmatched.  That is one of the challenges of being human that is by Devine design.  I know you have heard this before – “We must resist temptation.” 

The universe lets these evil events happen because, in the first place, free choice is always allowed.  Secondly, even if the evil acts are unplanned, they serve a purpose, and over the course of “time,” karmic law balances all.  After all, we are infinite beings, and this life is just one of thousands of “courses" we will each take in our soul’s development.

Young souls that have acted in evil ways contrary to their “contract” arrive in the afterlife “damaged.”  These souls are not damned.  They do not go to “Hell.”  They are loved, counseled, and in extreme cases, are taken to a special place to be “rebuilt.”  They are then prepared for their next incarnation.  It is all done out of love, and without “judgment” the way most of us were taught we would receive it.  

As a father, though I have not experienced the pain and loss of outliving my children, I have a deep appreciation of it as being the worst a soul can experience.  It is something I always push out of my mind.  It is a parent’s worst fear.  In the past, I had imagined myself plotting the “fitting” demise of a perpetrator.  Other times I saw myself confronting them in court and expressing my satisfaction over them receiving their “justice.”  I imagined myself telling them that they would never receive forgiveness from me, for that is “Devine,” and I am not God.  Later, I saw a couple of news pieces where parents of victims were in court and did express forgiveness to the perpetrator.  I thought, “Wow, how can they do that?”  Now I get it.  I would like to think I could do so now if I had to, but I do not want to take that test.  I hope it is not a required course we must all pass in the school of spiritual enlightenment.  If it is, I hope it is one I have passed in a previous life.

I am not afraid to reflect this light, or take the heat from the flames of negative energy that I expect could be directed at me.  It’s all OK.  If I can help even one person heal, just a little bit, I have done something to raise the vibration of the universe.




[1] Newton, Michael. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives . Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition.


[2] Green, Glenda. Love Without End (Kindle Location 184). Fideli Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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