THEY'RE HERE, HAVE NO FEAR - Extraterrestrials

THEY'RE HERE, HAVE NO FEAR - Extraterrestrials


It has taken me a long time to publish this post.  I am a very avid reader of this subject matter, and as odd as this may sound to some of you, I long for an encounter.  I have been manifesting it.  I read so much that I am constantly coming across new material that I think is worth sharing.  That is what has kept me from finalizing this post.  Most of it is corroborative, but each new resource seems to add something new.  So, I scrapped my original idea on how to share the subject matter, and instead, am providing you with resources, and a brief description of what I think are the most important takeaways from each one.  Along with the books, there are plenty of audio and video resources out there, but many of those are pretty weak or outright fake and perpetuate the lies.  There are some really good ones out there, and I will share those. 

First, here's a little background.  I have been enamored with extraterrestrials and space travel for as far back as I can remember - from the time I first became aware of space and the other worlds.  As a young child, I fantasized of flying to other worlds in my little spacecraft that could hold only me.  I had no idea how to make such a thing possible and I didn't care.  I just "made it so."  I grew up not giving it much thought, other than being a space-centered sic-fi enthusiast.  I would hear and read of UFO sightings and though I considered some fake, I always believed in my heart they were here, whether or not we were seeing fake images and/or reading about fake encounters.  People aren't crazy, and most of them know when they've seen something that was more than just "lights from airplanes," weather balloons, gas, or many of the other lame responses we get from our government.  As a career pilot, I know there are a lot of things people report as unusual because they do not understand what it is they are looking at.  But other stories are credible, and many come from pilots themselves.  I flew with pilots that were believers.  I have been a pilot since 1972 - private, military, and commercial.  I have never seen a UFO, but I wish I had.

Yes, they're here.  They've been here.  They've been here for thousands and thousands of years.  They have been here longer than we have.  Much longer.  They know the history of mankind and this planet better than we do - maybe better than we ever will.  They know and were witness to the "six extinctions."  Some of the species were participants in those extinctions.  Does the idea of that make you afraid?  Are you more comfortable denying or ignoring the possibility?  Why?  Are you afraid they will come down and annihilate us?  Does being afraid help?  Does it change reality?  Are you going to take the fetal position or live your life in denial?  Don't you think that if they wanted to destroy us, they would have done so already?  Even if they did, so what?  Are you and everyone you love not immortal souls?  Chances are, those who harbor such fears are projecting mankind's fear-based behavior here on Earth on our brothers and sisters from other worlds, or responding with fear due to the psychological conditioning from watching Hollywood's productions.  

I highly recommend turning off the TV, diving into some books and searching the web.  Ask your friends and family members what they believe.  Ask if they have had any experiences.  Many people who have had experiences are unwilling to share them for fear of being ridiculed or shunned.  If you share that you are a believer, you would be surprised at the number of others who are as well, and you may also find that people close to you are experiencers that have been keeping silent.

My belief and curiosity turned into an active hunt and fascination in 2011 when my girlfriend loaned me one of Zecharia Sitchin's books, The Twelfth Planet.  The material was all new to me, and the most important takeaway for me was that here was a timeline that made sense.  Here was a timeline that reconciled the theories of creation and evolution.  I was always of the mind that in order to correctly and completely piece together the puzzle of the universe, we must use all of the pieces we find on the table, and not just the ones that allow us to create the preconceived picture, or the one we have been taught.  All of the pieces fit . . . somewhere.  I never finished that book.  I don't know why I put it down.  It was probably because I did not have any corroborative information from other sources, so I was skeptical about a lot of what I found in it.  That would all change later.

On my birthday in 2014, the same girlfriend gave me a copy of Charles James Hall's first book, Millennial Hospitality.  I ate it up.  In fact, I liked it so much, I read the next four in the series.  I cannot say I am a fan of the writing.  A great deal of it was tedious.  Many of the events described were drawn out.  As a pilot, I found some of the "fiction" he inserted in the form of aviation related events to be ridiculous.  Nevertheless, the encounters with the Tall Whites he describes - particularly with the Teacher - sucked me in.  I wished I were in his place.  What a fantastic opportunity.  All he kept talking about was his fear, and his conflict with his religious beliefs.  Fear, fear, fear.  In his defense, perhaps he was struggling with the apparent turning upside down of his world view and place in the universe.  Maybe it was denial.  Whatever the case, I got tired of reading about it.  A wondrous reality was staring him right in the face.  Truth was staring him right in the face.  He was communing with our brothers and sisters from another world, and instead of being filled with wonder and gratitude, he was filled with disbelief and fear.  I would have traded places with him in a heartbeat.  Here is a species that has the power and technology to crush us like bugs, and yet they negotiate with our government, exchanging favors for a mutually beneficial relationship.  What does that tell you?  I wanted to meet them.  I went so far as to plan a trip to that part of the desert in order to make it happen.  I still might.  But I have since discovered there may be an easier and surer way to make contact.

After I finished that series, I started reading Love Without End by Glenda Green.  Jesus (Jeshua) visited the author while she was painting a picture of him.  I learned an enormous amount from reading this book, on myriad subjects.  It changed my life in so many ways, and catapulted me forward along my path towards spiritual enlightenment.  There were two takeaways from this book relating to extraterrestrials.  Jeshua told Glenda, "You are not alone."  He went on to say that the genius of the Creator was such that a species would not gain the scientific knowledge necessary for deep space travel until they evolved spiritually to the point where they would not take murderous, exploitive, imperialistic, conquering - you know, human - behavior to other worlds.  In other words, the science can only be discovered and understood by beings who evolve to a way of being that is loving, nurturing, accepting, and benevolent.  This is the cornerstone of my beliefs on the nature of ETs.  You are probably asking, "Then why are so many people traumatized and horrified by their encounters?"  Patience.  We'll get to that.

While reading Love Without End, I had a visit with my reflexologist, Dorea Dawson.  Dorea too is an ET enthusiast, and she introduced me to one of Lisette Larkins' books, Talking to Extraterrestrials.  Suddenly, I realized that these beings are incredibly spiritual.  I was delighted and thrilled to discover that their message was identical to that of Jeshua's.  Lock step.  So much corroboration!  I could not put the book down.  I read all five of her books, following up first with Above and Beyond, then Calling on Extraterrestrials, Listening to Extraterrestrials, and finally, Difficult People.  In reading this series of books, I witnessed Lisette's own spiritual development and enlightenment, thanks to her interaction with these loving, benevolent beings.  I also learned from these resources (which was corroborated by others) that for many of us, these beings are part of our soul families.  Our encounters with them are pre-arranged during our times between lives.  These arrangements include DNA sharing, both for our benefit and theirs, and breeding programs.  Much like we do with animals on this planet, they are ensuring the survival of the human species in the event we (once again) manage to destroy ourselves.  Yes, it has happened, several times.  Chances are looking pretty good that it will not happen again, but the jury is still out.  I read "Calling on . . . " and "Listening to . . . " in order to learn how to make contact myself.  I decided then to put my plans to camp out in the desert of Nevada to meet the Tall Whites on hold.  I began practicing the techniques but learned of another way to make contact that was even more promising. 

One of the revelations in Lisette's series is that the overwhelming majority of contact experiences are quite beneficial, and full of love - at least 85 percent.  That number has been verified by other researchers through interviews with thousands of experiencers.  Among those who say their experiences were traumatic, how much of that was perception?  Were they actually harmed?  In many cases, they were healed from some injury or disease.  Yes, "samples" are taken.  Eggs and sperm are taken.  Breeding happens.  Consider for a moment what we do with animals on this planet in the name of conservation.  We herd them with helicopters and vehicles, scare them nearly to death, dart them, tag them, take samples, and put tracking devices on them.  How is this different?  We put them in zoos and have captive breeding programs.  Hmmmm . . . Aside from being frightened, does anyone know of anybody who actually came back crippled, injured, or otherwise harmed by their encounter experience?  As for me, heck, take my DNA.  I am flattered they would want it and am happy to share.  Modify my DNA to make me better?  Please do, and thank you!  Breed with and ET?  Sure!  I'm into it.  I get to see your spaceship?  Awesome!  Where's the pilot's station?  Show me how you navigate!  Let's go someplace cool!  I want to see other worlds!!  I'm all over it, brothers and sisters.  I don't care if it is a deception and/or trap.  No one is getting out of this life alive.  The adventure would be more than worth the experience.  How frikken exciting!  I want to live - not just mark time until I die. 

Another aspect of our existence that is related to the extraterrestrial experience that you will find addressed in Lisette's books is that we live multiple lives - thousands.  That awareness is removed from our memories for a distinct purpose.  Most of the time, we opt for voluntary amnesia when we incarnate.  That is addressed further here.  I mention it now because it relates to the next resource that has contributed to my beliefs on ETs - Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.  Some of the subjects in Michael's case studies describe their extraterrestrial origins, and their existence as other life forms on other worlds - some of which are now extinct.  They corroborate information found in Lisette's books, as well as material you will find further down.  I had a regression in October, 2017 with Michael Weir.  In it, we discovered my soul is of ET origin.  Michael said about 30 percent of his clients have ET origins.  That fits.  In Lisette's books, as well as in material further down, subjects talk about Earth being a very desirable place to incarnate.  As it was described to Lisette by her ET soul family, Earth is the "fast track of soul development" specifically because of the dualistic nature of life here.  The soul's that incarnate here are the bravest of the lot.

These books have come to me in the ideal sequence, and are delivered by Spirit through those close to me.  Sometimes it's a practitioner, sometimes a girlfriend, sometimes the friend of a friend who has an epiphany that I would like a certain book.  That's how Spirit works.  The messages come to us from within; as a feeling; an inspiration.  Sometimes, we think they are of our own origin.  It's likely they are not.  They are responsible for my awakening.  It is my time.  

An extremely enlightening book which also provided a world of corroboration is a very current writing, The New Human by Mary Rodwell, published in 2017.  In it, I was introduced to Star Seeds, and received new insights into the different ET species that are influencing Earth, secret government agencies and space programs, government agendas and who is really behind them and why.  You will also find spiritual reinforcement of the multiple-lives aspects of our existence, and what lies ahead on the path of humanity.  It is all wonderful, exciting stuff.  If you are someone who has swallowed the metaphoric "blue pill," I urge you to regurgitate and swallow the red one.  This book put so many pieces of the puzzle into place, and answered so many of my questions in a scientific manner that I am even more confident that I am on the right track.  In the '90s, during Glenda Green's conversations with Jeshua, he told Glenda that "soon" our science will evolve to the point where phenomena that are currently brushed off by the scientific community as hogwash will be scientifically proven to be real.  It's happening.  The "paranormal" is normal.  We are multidimensional beings.  There are those among us with special talents.  All of us have these abilities.  They are just latent, and need to be awakened.  They are awake in the Star Seeds.  Star Seeds are nothing new.  What is new is that they are now being born on Earth in increasing numbers, with complete memories of their past lives and origins, and complete awareness of their missions.  They will tell you about the scores of ET species influencing Earth.  It is coincident with the cycle of the Mayan calendar, and is the beginning of the great awakening of humanity.  This is a wondrous time to be alive. 

After I finished The New Human, I dove into The Peiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow.  I still have about 100 pages to go.  It was published in 1995.  The reason it was given to me by Spirit now is because had I read it earlier, it would have made less sense to me, and I would have likely dismissed or only half appreciated much of the content.  In it, the "future" was described as it related to developments that had roots deep in our past - hundreds of thousands of years ago.  We see them happening today - the government programs, state of our medical industry, our planet, the awakening, as well as a perfect tie in with the writings of Zecharia Sitchin.  The ET players in the game of Earth are described and corroborated by the other readings, along with their motives.  A lot of time is spent talking about the Anunnaki.  I mean, a lot!  The book supports that is was the Anunnaki that created us by altering the DNA of the existing humanoids on this planet during the time of Sumer.  They want this planet as their own.  The book goes on to support that other species - Pleiadians and Sirians - are working to keep humanity free.  They are orchestrating our awakening.  I have read this elsewhere as well - they, along with the Arcturians.

For those of you who are not inclined to read, or do not believe you have the time to do so, there are some pretty good video resources.  I highly recommend Gaia.  I have not explored it extensively, but there are some really good series that corroborate my reading, including Ancient Civilizations, and Deep Space.  Here is another great video - E.T. Contact: They Are Here.  It's about an hour and a half long, and beautifully summarizes my beliefs on ETs.  It includes authors and subjects from the books above.  Here's another you might like, though I need to warn you, on the surface it is hard to swallow as being anything but a fabrication . . . until you get into it.  It is an interview with a reptilian female who calls herself Lacerta. The voice is not hers.  The audio is made from a written transcript using synthesized voice.  The interview took place in 1999.  If you listen to the content, you will find that it too dovetails with the other material, and sheds some light on her species' position, as well as the other players in the game and their agendas/motivations.  Here is a link to a short interview with David Wilcock.  I like this guy, and he does a lot of series.  This one talks more about the Anunnaki, and corroborates material from "The Pleiadian Agenda" as well as some of the other sources. 

Does all of this sound like rubbish to you?  Do you wonder where God is in all of this?  I see our Creator/Source/Spirit as a consciousness of which we are all a part - including the ETs.  No matter what happens to us or the ETs during these incarnations - no matter the dimension - it means nothing considering the eternal nature of our souls.  Whatever happens to us in our lifetimes - whether they last for mere decades like humans, or for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years for other species - means nothing as long as we learn our lessons and progress along our paths to becoming enlightened souls.  When I developed this view of the universe and existence, everything made sense to me.  The conflict between what we call "religion" and what we see in the universe around us disappeared.  Instead of looking outside ourselves for the truth, we should be looking inside; into our hearts; our higher intelligence.  That's where the truth lies.  I do not believe I have all of the pieces of the puzzle on the table yet, but I have many times more than I received from my religious indoctrination, and I feel I have them in their proper place.  They all fit.  I think the only thing missing are some details.  Sometimes there are clarifications as new translations of old writings are made.  That's the problem with ancient languages - the translations are often inaccurate and out of context.  Jeshua clarified much of what was in the Bible during his conversations with Glenda Green.  Jeshua spoke Aramaic during his incarnation on Earth 2000 years ago.  His words were translated from Aramaic to Hebrew, then to Greek and then to Latin, and from Latin to the other languages of the world. 

I find all of this is fun and exciting to puzzle over, and I find it much more stimulating and enlightening than what is presented to us for "entertainment" by Hollywood and the media.  I will add more to this as my reading continues. When I succeed in my efforts to have a lucent, "here now" experience with extraterrestrials, I will be sure to share that as well.







Goodbye, Charlie

Goodbye, Charlie