“Truth is a pathless land.”

                         - Jiddu Krishnamurti


On August 2, 1929, before a crowd of 3,000, Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “ . . . truth is a pathless land . . .”[1]  He then elaborated and explained that statement.  In essence, he said that none of us will find the one truth by following someone else’s path.  Each of us must look inside ourselves and find his or her own truth, and follow that path.  Our souls know the way.  Only our souls know what particular lessons they need to learn in this life, what they must experience, and how best to do so.  The crowd consisted of members of The Order of the Star of the East, which was founded in 1911. Krishnamurti was made the head of the order.  The members were devoted to Krishnamurti and looked upon him as their teacher.  They wanted a road map to truth and enlightenment; a path.  They wanted to follow his path.  His message was totally lost on them.  So on that day, realizing that his message was not being received, he dissolved the order. 

For some reason, many of us are either so insecure, or so thoroughly and deeply indoctrinated from birth that we are not comfortable with the idea of seeking our own path in matters of the spirit.  After we incarnate, the biggest influence is probably what Robert A. Cialdini calls the influence of “similar others”[2] – people close to us who are similar, and to whom we look for guidance when we are uncertain.  Perhaps that’s why the spiritual landscape is dominated by a few huge, organized religions, each of which is associated with a particular region of origin, and to which many people cling like a raft on a stormy sea.  From the day we are born, most of us are fed a steady diet of “this is right, and that’s wrong,” “don’t do that, do this, and this is how” and “this is the real and only truth.”  Our lives and beliefs are very structured and we are psychologically strong armed into a faith by the element of fear.  Sometimes it’s fear of eternal damnation for those who do not fall in line.  I am not saying religions are inherently bad things.  It is what some people are doing with their religions - and in God’s name - that I think is harmful.  Many times the things they do fly in the face of the teachings of those same religions.  The beliefs of one group are projected as being the absolute truth, all too often to the point of violence.  Apparently, some feel that treating someone with respect, tolerance and dignity only applies to followers of their particular faith; their chosen path.  I don’t mean to be flippant, but religion should be taken in moderation; with a grain of salt.

Yes, there is but one truth.  But I’ll wager that no one walking the Earth right now knows precisely what that is.  And if someone’s idea of the truth is in fact the one truth, I’ll wager it is a person so enlightened and humble that they are not convinced that they know it complete, and do not put it forth as such. 

Truth is a pathless land.  I liken the journey to a climb up a mountain.  The truth is at the peak.  At our very first incarnation, each of us starts at the base of the mountain, but we are scattered all around that base, north, south, east, west, and all points in between.  Think of the locations as representing the different locations on the globe; the different countries; different family situations; different customs, mores, religions, and economic situations.  We start climbing this mountain, trying to reach the top; the one truth.  When we start out, we usually do so along the path that has been dictated to us by our starting conditions and influences.  Maybe from our path we can see other paths, or maybe we hear about them, but we cannot see all of them, nor do we hear of all of them.  Maybe we are advised that those on a different path are wrong to choose that path, or that they are evil and doomed to eternal damnation, etc.  So onward we climb.  Maybe along our path we can see a path that looks a little better; one that, despite our initial instructions or cautions, we are compelled to take.  The point is, each of us takes the path we feel is best for us.  Along the way, our paths cross the paths of others, and perhaps we walk with them – maybe just for a time, or maybe for the rest of our lives.  The path may be theirs, ours, or a combination of the two.    Some paths may be more difficult than others.  Some may take longer.  Each of us will have different experiences along the way.  Each of our souls will eventually find the truth, no matter which paths we choose, as long as we continue to seek the top of the mountain - to walk with the intention of finding it.

Here is where it gets more challenging.  No one will reach the top in one lifetime.  It will take many, many lifetimes.  Some say thousands.  Each time we start a new life, we once again start along a particular path.  We are indoctrinated all over again.  In western civilization, the indoctrination is not one that places becoming enlightened and finding the truth as foremost - at least it wan't for me.  It was assumed that what could be known of the truth was known and taught by the church.  Beyond that, the spiritual aspects of life receive less emphasis than indoctrination on how to “succeed” in this world.  Success is usually defined in terms of getting an “education,” a job, accumulating “wealth,” and the ability to thrive in the consumerism-based economy.  Whatever the circumstances, off we go, on our path again.  Are we along the same path?  How many paths have we walked previously?  How long ago was our last walk?  Did we start out where we left off?  Are we in the same location on the planet?  Have we been indoctrinated with the same set of instructions and in similar initial conditions?  How far up the mountain towards the truth are we?  How far below us is the base?  We don’t know. We don’t know because we cannot see behind us, and we cannot see the top.  We have no idea how high above us the truth lies.  We start out with amnesia - voluntary amnesia.  We don’t consciously know any of the lessons we learned along the path of our previous life(s) because almost all of us do not remember them.  Occasionally, we hear or read about someone who claims that they do, but I have yet to hear of anyone who reveals anything of spiritual significance that would help them along the path to truth in this life.  That knowledge is still there in all of us.  It is buried in our hearts; our souls; buried by our indoctrination.  But it is not gone.  It can be retrieved. 

So onward and upward we climb, seeking the top of the mountain.  It would be a much more wonderful and enlightening experience for all of us, life after life, if we could just show mutual love and respect for others – all others - and acceptance of the path they have chosen for themselves as being right for them.  Some of us are unable or unwilling to do so.  We interfere.  We are “offended.”  We engage in conflicts with one another, including war.  We judge.  Jeshua (Jesus) spoke a lot about judgment, and talked about a direct consequence of it being separation.[3]  Judgment is perhaps man’s greatest sin.  To a degree, all of us judge.  We are so in the habit of judging and it is so much a part of us that most of the time we do not even realize when we are doing it.  It can even feel right.  It is like the ego, and most times, I find the ego is the origin.  We make small judgments throughout the day as a matter of course.  As I write this post, I am having to police myself in order to refrain from including my own judgments in the words I write.

Each path is unique.  There are as many paths as there are souls and each path is no more or less valid than any other.  That is the point of this post, and the reason that indeed, truth is a pathless land.  How do we find our path?  How do we overcome the indoctrination we received immediately upon our birth that has buried or obscured the memories we have of past experiences and lessons learned?  We uncover them by looking inside ourselves. Only our souls know where we have been, where we need to go, and how best to proceed.  Get in touch with your heart; your higher intelligence.  How?  Meditate.  Dissolve your ego.  There are many resources that can teach you how to do both.  But, as with your path, you can always find what works best and is right for you, and adapt what you find to make it work even better.  Be patient.  It takes time; years.  Enjoy the journey.  Know that with each and every effort you are taking a step in the direction of your journey’s end.  You are an eternal soul.  You have forever to accomplish this, and as many lifetimes as it takes in order for you to do so.  You do not need money, a home, a job, or the strength of your youth to get it done.  It is a wonderful journey of discovery.  I tell people it is the most exciting pursuit and adventure of my current Earth walk, and I have had my share of remarkable adventures.  Enjoy it.  Be persistent, and do not allow yourself to become frustrated or discouraged.

While you are on your path, please – if you are not one who does so already – learn to respect the paths of others, no matter how they differ from yours.  Do not allow yourself to become “offended” over someone else exercising their Divine right to free choice.  Respect that it is their choice.  Allow them to walk their path, but stand up for your right to walk yours.  There is nothing wrong with sharing your ideas about your path.  I suggest doing so in a gentle manner, with love in your heart and an open heart and mind.  You cannot control whether or not others respect you, your path, or that it is your choice to make.  You cannot “heal” them, and the idea that they need to be healed is in itself a judgment.  Heal yourself and love everyone else, including your enemies.  

As always, blessings and love,


Updated: March12, 2018    



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Goodbye, Charlie

Goodbye, Charlie