When I was growing up, my father would almost invariably come into the room where we kids would have the TV on and say, “Turn that damn thing off!”  Sage advice and policy.  Frank Zappa nailed it back in the '70s with his song, I am the Slime.  Click the link and give it a listen if you are unfamiliar, and perhaps a re-listen if you are.

Turn off the TV.  Turn off the radio.  Yes, turn off the “news” and the hate-dispensing talk shows.  Do as Depak Chopra recommends in his book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind; take a news fast.  I don’t care whether you are a Liberal, a Conservative, Libertarian, or none of the above.  Those programs are businesses, my friends.  They are there to make money – make no mistake.  They are not altruistic.  Why do you think so much air time is devoted to sponsorship?  They thrive on creating and fueling hate, fear, anger, discontent and divisiveness.

When you read, do so selectively.  Seek multiple sources.  Verify the credibility, accuracy and truth.  Look more at who is doing the talking and what they have to gain or lose than the content of what is being said.  We must guard against charging full speed down a particular path simply because it happens to satisfy our current state of mind and we are unwilling or afraid to shake the table upon which we have built our card house of opinion.  Let’s be fair and not be locked on to an entire platform and all the people on it simply because we like one “plank,” or even most of the planks.

Let’s all do ourselves and the world a favor by taking everything we read, whether in print or on line, with a grain of salt.  There is a lot of fake news out there on all sides, and it is published without conscience by those whose agendas are thereby served.  Do you really think there is such a thing as an “unbiased” report?  Anyone can color a story to fit their hypothesis or desired outcome just by deciding who they quote, who they put in front of the camera, and what questions they ask.  So many times I see a post on Facebook with a photo and outrageous cutline that so many of us will share without even reading the article.  It seems to me that more often than not, the meat of the article has very little to do with the implication of the cutline.  If we share it, we are playing right into the hands of those whose agendas are thereby served – sharing something which is untrue for sure, inaccurate at best, and in which we do not even believe!

If we really want to know what is going on in the world, we should put down the paper, turn off our TVs and radios, close our computers, put down our smartphones and look out our windows.  Take a walk.  Go on a trip, domestic or abroad.  What do we see?  We see our friends, family, neighbors, and fellow citizens going about the business of life, doing their best to live, love, and laugh.  That is the real state of humanity in your entire city, state, country and the world.  Q: Why do we not see that in the news?  A: It’s not newsworthy to those in the business.  It does not get you to tune in.  Tuning in sells sponsorships.  It makes them money.  Fear makes them money.  Unfortunately, fear, hate and all other negative emotions lower the vibration of the universe.  Believe it.  Everything is energy; thoughts, words, feelings; everything. The energy you put out, whether it originates within you or is “reflected” by you in response to stimuli affects the entire universe.  It creates more of the same.  Moreover, whatever energy you put out will be drawn to you.  That is why it is essential that we all emit love.  Positive energy.  Raise the vibration of the universe.  And for all our sakes, but mostly your own, forgive!

Why do so many of us tune in to the “news,” really?  Why does the bad news sell?  I never understood why all we are fed is the “bad” when there is so much good being done by the majority of people all over the planet, every day.  In reading Lisette Larkins’ latest book, Difficult People, I was introduced to the term “emotional pain body.”[1]  It is one of the many faces of the ego, and it thrives on conflict and adversity to the point that if none exists, it will seek it out, and/or create it.  Once it is fed and is sated, it disappears . . . for awhile, only to come out again at the next feeding time.  Virtually all of us have one.  It’s just a matter of to what degree and what particular “sub-species.”  It is a creation of the mind.  It’s easy to spot in extremely dysfunctional people, like an abusive partner, or a person who seems to be constantly at odds with life and the people in it.  It is a beast upon which our media can rely to be a repeat customer and they are only too happy to feed it and reap the profits from doing so.  So what can we do?  Dissolve it!  Ms. Larkins’ book will tell you how.

Is there “bad” in the world?  Of course there is.  But it is a miniscule fraction of what is really going on.  Earth is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful, loving divine beings, each perfect as they are.  Each of us is one of them, no matter who and what we appear to be to ourselves or others.  Deep down inside, we are love.  If we are living otherwise, it is because our mind has usurped control of our life from our heart.  If we want to get it back, to live an eternally blissful life starting right here on this planet in this lifetime, we must identify the beast and put it down, and place our mind in its proper place as servant to our heart.  We must learn to overcome our ego.  Dissolve it.  We must get in touch with and live as our true selves, and not the person our mind has created that is masquerading as our true self.  We must love each and every being on this planet as we love ourselves.  Yes, we must even love the ones we label as being evil.  Jesus said as much, did he not?  “Love thine enemy.”  “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” 

Why are “evil” people among us?  If there is a benevolent God, why are there “evil” people doing “evil” things?  A: They are here to help us grow.  This will be addressed further in another post.  When you read it, I believe you will not only understand, but will see the perfect genius of it.  I am not a Christian, by the way.  Yes, I was raised Catholic, but as I like to say, I recovered.  But that does not mean I do not believe Jesus Christ walked the Earth.  From what I have read, from both Biblical and contemporary accounts, he gets my vote for the most evolved and enlightened soul to have ever walked this planet.  Was/is he Divine?  Of course he is – just as you and I are, no more and no less.  That’s right.  You and I are every bit as Divine as Jesus, or as I have learned he is really called, Jeshua.[2]  Jeshua said so himself.  Remember, he also said that if you and I had the faith of a grain of salt we could move mountains.  He meant that, literally.  The difference between you and me and Jeshua is that he is in touch with his heart; his soul;  his higher intelligence.  He is aware of his creative powers and through love, can channel them.

Earth is a tough playground on which to be incarnated.[3]  We chose to be incarnated here, each and every one of us, specifically for that reason.  This is the fast track.  This is the AP course in soul development.  Why is it so challenging?  A perfect analogy was given by Lisette Larkins in her book, Above and Beyond.  She wrote that earth is like a school playground where the kindergartners have the same recess period as the PhDs.  It’s made worse by the fact that everyone thinks they are among the PhDs, including the Kindergartners.  It’s not like that on all planets, but that’s another topic.

If we want peace on this planet, we must allow others to walk their chosen path without judging them, and expect the same in return.  We must stop being “offended” by that which is contrary to our particular set of mores.  We must realize that there is a lesson to be learned from every interaction and experience we have on this planet and with the people on it.  Chances are your soul has called these experiences to itself for a greater purpose.  Instead of tuning in to the “news,” I suggest taking an inward journey and tune in to yourself, and thereby tune in to one another.

Blessings, as always,


Updated: March 12, 2018


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