The Mirror Reflecting

               The Mirror Reflecting


It all started when...

Starting in early 2017, several people told me that I should create a web site, a blog, a YouTube channel or the like in order to share the content you will find here.  They feel I have a good “voice” for sharing this material.  At first I thought, “Gee,  what gives me the credibility to do so?”  I am just a man, walking his path like every other person on this planet.  But then, so are our pastors and priests, our political leaders and members of the media.  Where do their interests lie?  Are they spiritually evolved, or do they serve the master that indoctrinated them or who signs their paycheck?  Each of our voices is as relevant as any other.  Social station is no measure of spiritual evolvement.  I am not claiming that I am "evolved" or "enlightened," but I am continuously working towards that.  We all are.  But for those like myself, it is a conscious effort, and the primary focus of the choices I make in living day to day.  Where I stand in relation to everyone else on this planet is a matter of judgment and irrelevant.  That's not the point.  It's not a contest, and I take make no comparisons to others or judgments regarding which of us is more spiritually evolved than the other.  I am simply walking my path, living my life as best as I can, and working to find the answers to what I see as the larger questions like why we are here, the nature of this existence, its purpose, the universe, and most importantly, why specifically I was placed on this planet at this point in time. What lessons am I here to learn?  What must I do or overcome in this lifetime in order for my soul to progress and move on to the next lesson?  Those are matters of more interest and importance to me than building a bank account, a vacation home, or some other physical manifestation of the "American Dream."  They are where I am primarily directing my energies.  Think of these posts as you might photographs of a friend's adventure.  They were taken with the idea that the events, places, and experiences they represent are worth remembering and might be of interest to others.  I am hoping that at least a few of the words I write here will resonate with your heart – your higher intelligence – and maybe help you along your path during this Earth walk in some small measure.  Maybe you will be intrigued to the point that you too will want to venture there.

The posts on this site are snapshots of my ongoing spiritual journey, which can be likened to an asymptotic curve.  I was mostly unaware of its existence until 2009 when I started to see it turn more vertical.  If you do some reading, you will find many places where there are references to this happening to all of humanity.  Maybe you see it in yourself.  We are all waking up.  It is coincident with the recent ending of the 26,000 year Mayan calendar and the beginning of the new cycle.  

During this life, I have transitioned from a guilt-ridden Catholic-raised child, to a doubtful and questioning youth, defiant young adult, an agnostic, a quasi-atheist, to what I feel is the awakening of a spiritual man where I can see the absolute genius and wisdom of our Creator, (Source, God, - whatever term you choose to apply), and the ostensibly chaotic, sometimes bewildering experience of being a human on this planet.  It has given me a degree of peace, joy and excitement about this life beyond what I ever dreamed it could possibly deliver.  I can see the purpose behind every set back I have faced, as well as the necessity of my experiencing it.  I can see how the universe has held my hand and prepared me to deal with each and every one.  I can see that when my own mind was unable or unwilling to accept and proceed down the path of enlightenment and complete happiness, the universe intervened in order to make it happen.  My soul – my higher intelligence – called in what needed to be.  I can see the purpose behind the people whose acts we do not understand, and the results of which cause us pain and bewilderment.  We are not alone - not a single one of us.  Our guides are ever present, whether we see them or not, and are in constant communication with us.  All we need to do is pay a little attention.  I am on the most exciting segment of this current earth walk, and I want to share this with as many as have ears to hear.

Every now and then we hear, see or read something that so strikes us we make it our own.  Years ago, a Facebook friend posted a quote attributed to Edith Wharton.  It went, “There are two ways to spread light: either be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”  That quote is the inspiration for the name of this site.  I am not the source of the light, though I may be your source, or one of your sources.  I am a mirror.  Maybe I am just someone who says things that you have been thinking but have kept to yourself because you felt it was contrary to popular opinion and you did not want to be criticized or ridiculed.  I am like Mercury, the messenger.  I am but one of a rapidly growing number of people on this planet that is spreading the message of love.  Love is our true essence; love of ourselves, love of each other, love of this life, this planet, this universe and our Creator; love of all.  Love is the true essence of every soul brought into being by our Creator, and is the most powerful creative force in the universe.

On this blog, you will find posts on a variety of topics as they relate to spirituality, “truth,” religion, the universe, war, extra-terrestrials, why we are here, the purpose of our lives, why there is “so much bad," and more. When you read the material, I am hoping that like me, you will see  the genius of it all; the perfect wisdom of our Creator, and the power each and every one of us – regardless of our circumstances – has over our lives and our experiences in this lifetime.  You will see the words "heart" and "soul" used frequently.  In some contexts, they are used interchangeably, and you should read the posts that way.  I think it is apparent in those instances.

I am spiritual, not religious.  I do not subscribe to any particular religion.  I think they all have elements of truth in them, but let's try to remember that they are creations of man, not God.  I see an awful lot of opinion, interpretation or extrapolation being presented as "the one truth."  It is the word of man being packaged and sold as the word of God.  Sadly, it is used as a tool for control and manipulation by those who currently rule this planet, and fear is their weapon of choice.  For far too many of us, it is the source of a lot of deep rooted conflict, prejudice, hate and war.  Religion is very often divisive.  Spirituality is inclusive.

I quote from several sources, reference the material, and encourage you to delve into it yourselves.  I found the material to be life changing in the most positive ways imaginable.  If anything I write here sounds like it is not for you, then please, discard it with my blessings.  

My hope is that more and more of us will decide to be a mirror and spread the light of love instead of  the darkness of divisiveness.  Exercise more tolerance and acceptance, less judgment, and more forgiveness.  Walk your path with confidence, wonder, joy, love and respect.  Reflect the light.